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Sunday, January 09, 2005

What a shame!

Here I am in Jefferson County, Missouri with my aircard, and unable to post to Classical Values because HostMatters and all the blogs associated with it are down.

You'd think after a 900 mile drive that I'd at least be able to post.

The trouble with using a new device like this aircard is that I'm not yet sure of myself with it, so I really can't tell whether the blog is down or the card isn't working. Fortunately, I found confirmation at the InstaPundit backup site. Glenn's seeing a hidden opportunity:

Whoever's launching these attacks is doing a lot for my reading. I nearly finished the Harry Turtledove book during the last attack, and I'm starting a new book tonight.
I can't say it's doing much for my reading, as I've been driving so long I'm seeing moving roads when I close my eyes.

But I'm glad I started this Classicalbackup thingie -- even if no one sees it!

To sleep now, and then back to the road!

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